Zottarella without GMOs

Zottarella without GMOs
All Zottarella products are made from milk that comes from cows that are exclusively fed GMO-free feed that originates within the EU.
 In addition, it is ensured that all Zottarella raw materials and ingredients, for instance the basil, is also produced without genetic modification. Find out more interesting facts about how Zottarella is produced without GMOs.

A wish for change
Surveys say that a large percentage of Germans reject feeding animals genetically modified feed. For this reason, we have developed a company vision at Zott that more effectively satisfies consumers' needs for healthy, high quality and sustainable products. One building block is a sustainable feeding concept for our dairy cows.

A vision of reality
In 2010, we introduced the Zott "Sustainable Feed" programme and the first milk suppliers committed to no longer using genetically modified feed for their cows. In the meantime, more than 60% of all Zott milk suppliers in Germany are part of the "Sustainable Feed" programme.

Switching animal feed
Switching to GMO-free feed is regulated by government guidelines. A conversion period of three months is prescribed in order to guarantee pure and high-grade milk quality.
But how exactly does it happen? First, the old feed supplies are used up. Then it is important to completely empty the feed silos and sweep them clean. Afterwards, the farmer can only purchase feed that does not contain any genetically modified components. From this point onwards the conversion period of three months begins. This means that the dairy cows must be exclusively fed feed without any genetically modified ingredients before the milk can be marketed at "GMO-free milk".

Safe feed
The farmer informs Zott of which feed he wants to use and/or buy. The dairy inspects the feed manufacturing company via an independent institute. The approved feed is added to a so-called recommendation list, that is always available to farmers online and is updated. The farmer commits to only using feed that is on this recommendation list. This way he is also guaranteed that the feed is safe and that the feed manufacturer undergoes inspection in this regard. In return, the dairy knows which feed us being used.

Putting the rule to the test
In addition, we receive a sample of all feed purchased by the farmers. These are analysed on a random check basis by our inspection system in collaboration with an external laboratory. This way everyone involved gets the highest degree of safety and transparency.