Zottarella without Genetic Engineering

Zottarella without Genetic Engineering

All our Zottarella products are made with milk from cows which are fed with selected feed – exclusively GMO-free and grown, for the most part, in Europe. In addition, it is ensured that all other Zottarella raw materials and ingredients, such as basil, are produced without genetic engineering. On this page, you can find some interesting facts about GMO-free Zott.

The Desire for Change

Surveys have revealed that the majority of Germans are absolutely against the feeding of animals with genetically-modified feed and this is why, here at Zott, we have developed an entrepreneurial vision to meet our consumers’ needs for healthy, high-quality and sustainable products. One element of this is a sustainable feed concept for our dairy cows.

From Vision to Reality

In 2010, we introduced the Zott “Sustainable feed” programme, and we became the first milk suppliers committed to stop using genetically-modified feed when feeding their dairy cows. By spring 2019, as planned, a large part of the Zott Group’s total milk volume will come from the “Sustainable feed” programme – in this way, sustainability will take on a new, transnational dimension.

Safe Feed

The farmers inform Zott which feed they want to use or buy. We then contact the manufacturers concerned and check the conformity of these feeds with the “Sustainable feed at Zott” programme. The feeds thus recorded are included in a so-called ‘orientation list’, which is always available to farmers, via the internet, in its most up-to-date form. The farmers have made a commitment to use only the feed set-out in this ‘orientation list’. At the same time, they are guaranteed that not only is the feed safe, but that the manufacturer is being monitored accordingly. In return, Zott knows which feeds are used.



The Sample is put to the Test

In addition, we receive samples of all the feed purchased by the farmers. These samples are then randomly analysed by our own control system, and in collaboration with an external laboratory – this creates maximum security and transparency for all concerned.

The Change of Feed 

The change to GMO-free feed is regulated by the state in Germany. A transition period of three months is required to ensure a pure and high-grade milk quality.

How exactly does this work? In the first step, the old feed stocks are used up. After that, it is important to completely clear and empty the feed silos. Thereafter, the farmer may only buy feed which does not contain any genetically-modified components – it is only from that point on that the three-month transition period begins. This means that, for three months, the dairy cows must solely be given feed without genetically-modified ingredients, only then can this milk be marketed as ‘GMO-free milk’.