With great dedication we turn milk into cheese. Did you know that 8 litres of cow's milk are required to produce 1 kg of Zottarella? Daily, we produce various types of mozzarella at our state-of-the-art production facilities while observing strict hygiene regulations. The pictures below provide an insight into the production of Zottarella Minis, which are the only ones in the market also available in the "Basil" and "Peperoncini" variety.

The Minis are conveyed onto the multihead weigher.

The multihead weigher with full dispenser plate. The multihead weigher ensures that the package content corresponds to the weight printed on the package.

The so-called "manhole" of the cheese processor. It serves the removal of samples and visual control of the cutting process.

The Zottarella Minis in the cooling trough. Quick cooling of the ready-made Mini balls is essential to ensure that the product has no bacteriological faults.